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Published March 25, 2016
Updated March 24, 2016
Published March 25, 2016
Updated March 24, 2016

Stark Photos Of Abandoned NASA Launch Sites

Hermes Rocket

V2 Launch Site with Hermes A-1 Rocket, Launch Complex 33 Gantry, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, 2006. Image Source: Slate

Photographer Roland Miller likens America’s abandoned NASA launch sites to Greek ruins, Mayan temples, and Egyptian pyramids. And after one look at the haunting photos in his new book, Abandoned in Place, you’ll certainly agree. See more at Slate.


Catacombs, Apollo Saturn V F1 Engine Test Stand, Edwards Air Force Base, California,1998. Image Source: Slate

Launch Ring

Launch Ring, Apollo Saturn Launch Complex 34, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, 1990. Image Source: Slate

The Millau Viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge, stands 1,125 feet high. As if that wasn’t impressive enough: it was made with 200,000 tons of concrete and cost $524 million to build. But with one look at this colossus, you’ll see why it was worth it. Check out this gallery to see more of the bridge and learn just what it took to construct what may be one of the greatest feats of human engineering.

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