Your World This Week, Mar. 6 – 12

Published March 7, 2016
Published March 7, 2016

3D Laser Technology Brings Van Gogh To The Masses

Wheat Fields

New technology brings Van Gogh classics to the masses. Image Source: Wikipedia

Want to see a Van Gogh but can’t make it to the Met or the Netherlands? Why not go to the mall?

The idea might sound outlandish, but that’s just what happened at a Vancouver mall at the beginning of the month. In a matter of days, 17,000 people visited a “Van Gog Pop-up Gallery,” which featured 3D reproductions of the Impressionist’s most beloved works.

“Using a patented process developed by Fujifilm Belgium,” Mashu Mashu reported, “the Van Gogh Museum and Fuji created 3D Reliefography reproductions of nine paintings.”

“When the first result came out, we were astounded,” replica distributor Diedrick van Eck said, “because literally viewed with the naked eye, you cannot see any difference. They’re so real.”

Learn more about the process at Mashu Mashu.

5 Events To Know About This Week

Monopoly Early Edition

Image Source:

  • March 7, 1933: Monopoly the board game is invented.
  • Banks

  • March 10, 1862: The first issue of U.S. government paper money (as $5, $10 and $20 bills) begins circulation
  • Blizzard 1888

    Image Source: Finding your Past

  • March 11, 1988: One of the worst blizzards on record hits the Northeast, killing 400 people.
  • Early Coke Bottle

    Image Source: PDX Retro

  • March 12, 1894: Coca-Cola is sold in bottles (like the one above) for the first time.
  • Girl Scouts

    Girl Scouts in action. Image Source: Flickr

  • March 12, 1912: The Girl Scouts are founded in Savannah, Georgia
  • All That's Interesting
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