The World’s Biggest Parties

Published April 27, 2012
Updated January 17, 2018



Arguably the largest party in the world, there ain’t no party like a carnivale party. From its humble beginnings during Lent in 1723, the party is now a household name, complete with costumes, parades and scantily clad girls and boys. And, naturally, quite a bit of booze. The most spectacular display occurs in Rio de Janerio.

Carnivale Parties

Carnivale Photograph

The World's Biggest Parties Carnivale

St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks

Originating in Ireland and celebrated the world-over, St Patty’s day is one of the biggest drinking parties in the world. The holiday originated in Ireland in celebration of Saint Patrick, one of the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland. The day consists of church services, parades, processions and green attire, but the religious sentiments are often eclipsed by the copious consumption of alcohol and food.

St Patricks Day

World's Biggest Parties