Astronaut Andre Kuipers’ Stunning Photos Of Planet Earth

Published January 23, 2014
Updated September 28, 2018

During his eight-month stint at the International Space Station, Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers captured some absolutely gorgeous images of planet Earth.

The Dutch physician and European Space Agency astronaut was selected to participate in International Space Station expeditions 30 and 31. Leaving the planet on December 21st 2011 and returning the following July, Andre Kuipers captured some absolutely incredible images of our planet:

Indonesia From Above
The Indonesian island of Sumbawa

Andre Kuiper's Photo Of The Argentine Coast
The Argentine Coast

Andre Kuipers Picture Of The Southern Lights
The Southern Lights

Aruba Photo

Above Earth
400 kilometers above Earth


Atmospheric glow
Atmospheric glow

ATV Docked ISS
the ATV, docked

Australian Outback
The Australian Outback

Andre Kuipers Bahamas Photo
The Bahamas

Sunset From Space
A bizarre interaction between light and the sunset

Andre Kuipers Photo Of Canada

A comet as seen from the ISS


Flattened moonbeams

France: Paris is to the left, Toulouse is illuminated to the right

Vietnam From Space
Fishing boats near Hanoi, Vietnam

Islas Baleares
Spain's Islas Baleares

A lateral view of the ISS

The ISS at moonlight

Istanbul, Turkey

Johannesburg, South Africa

Lake Powell, Las Vegas

Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas
The Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas

The Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean

The Middle East
The Middle East


Photos From Space

Northern Europe
Northern Europe

Andre Kuiper Photograph Of Mount Vesuvius
Mount Vesuvius

Northern Lights from below

The ISS observatories

The Orion constellation

Andre Kuipers Photo Of Rotterdam
Over Rotterdam, Netherlands

Andre Kuipers Russia

Sahara Desert By Andre Kuipers
The Sahara Desert and Mauritania

San Francisco
Over the San Francisco Bay

Satellite Over Earth

Over the Somalian desert

The Southern Lights

The Soyuz, docked

The Soyuz TMA

The Soyuz - the apparatus Kuipers used to return to Earth

Andre Kuipers Photo Of A Star Cluster
Star cluster

The Super Moon
The super moon

Andre Kuiper's Photo Of The UK
Over the United Kingdom

Venus in the distance

All photos can be found at Kuipers' photo stream, featured on Flickr. And enjoy these amazing photos by Andre Kuipers? Then be sure to check out our posts on amazing facts and astounding aerial photography!

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