Globalization Can’t Be All That Bad If It Gives Us Hot Air Balloon Festivals Like This

Published January 31, 2015
Updated September 25, 2018

These photos from the International Hot Air Balloon festival in Switzerland highlight the snowy landscape.

Colorful Balloon Festival

A colorful collection of hot air balloons before takeoff.

This January marks the 37th anniversary of Switzerland’s International Hot Air Balloon week held in Château-d’Oex. Organizers report that over 80 hot air balloons from 20 countries will participate in the event, which lasts from January 24, 2015 through early February.

The International Hot Air Balloon festival got its start in 1979, when 12 balloons from five countries gathered to promote Château-d’Oex at the suggestion of Hans Brücker. The festival grew over the years, and in 1999, the first hot air balloon to navigate around the globe without stopping left from Château-d’Oex. These days the festival hosts a number of special events and contests, drawing balloonists from all over the world. The festivities include a children’s-themed day, contests, Special Shape balloons and a night show with fireworks and music.

Cow Hot Air Balloon
Balloon Festival Before Takeoff
2012 International Hot Air Balloon Week in Switzerland
Globalization Can’t Be All That Bad If It Gives Us Hot Air Balloon Festivals Like This
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This time-lapse video captures balloons from the 2015 festival at takeoff:

There's nothing like the Swiss Alps as a background for colorful hot air balloons. But don't take our word for it:

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