A Young Betty White As You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Published February 3, 2015
Updated July 15, 2020

Vintage photos of a young Betty White, the Internet's favorite feisty nonagenarian.

Betty White Young

Betty White has recently re-emerged as a cultural icon due to her sharper-than-age wit and feisty demeanor–but it isn’t the first time America has fallen in love with the 93-year-old model, actress, and writer.

Vintage Pictures Of A Young Betty white
Betty White 1950s Photoshoot
Betty White reading with St. Bernard
Betty White Pictures
A Young Betty White As You’ve Never Seen Her Before
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These vintage photos show a young Betty White in her element in the late 1950's. A Grammy and Emmy award-winner, White still captures the admiration of the public, and the reasons why are made clear in this quote:

"I don't go around thinking, 'Oh I'm 90, I better do this or I better do that'. I'm just Betty. I'm the same Betty I've always been. Take it or leave it."

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