17 Famous Cannibal Attacks That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

Published February 28, 2018
Updated July 12, 2020

Cannibalism is crazy enough as it is, but throughout history and the world, there have been some cannibal attacks that are crazier than you could ever imagine.

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17 Famous Cannibal Attacks That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine
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Listen, we know all cannibal attacks are crazy, but as far as cannibals go, some people are decidedly scarier than others.

There are the cannibals who plan their attacks, waiting days or sometimes months to create what they think will be a perfect crime. Take Issei Sagawa, for instance, who planned his crime over a few months, calculated the best way to attack and eat a woman, only to misstep upon disposing of the body.

Then there are those who attack at seemingly random times, in front of dozens of witnesses, without a care in the world. Like the Greyhound Cannibal, a bus rider who simply started eating the man next to him, on a crowded Greyhound bus.

Whose to say which kind of attack is crazier, the premeditated one, or the random one? We'll let you decide. We've compiled a list of some of the craziest cannibal attacks of all time, some random and some planned, in no particular order. You be the judge, which is the craziest of them all?

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Katie Serena
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