Stunning Never Before Seen Photos Of The Challenger Disaster

Published January 24, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018
Published January 24, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018

Challenger Disaster Photos

Nearly 28 years ago this month, Americans watched in bewildered horror as the the Challenger shuttle–and its seven crew members–came to its untimely end 73 seconds after launch. A faulty O-ring, poor weather conditions and an overzealous NASA administration stricken with “go fever” ultimately bore the blame for the crash, and as a result the program went on a 32-month hiatus.

Recently, a Reddit user went through his grandparents’ old photos and found a tragic, never before seen record of the unforgettable event.

Challenger Disaster Smoke

Smoke Grow

Challenger Disaster Smoke Incline

Challenger Disaster Lift Off

Challenger Disaster After Lift Off

Challenger Disaster Mid Air

Challenger Disaster Pictures

Challenger Shuttle Distance

Challenger Vertical

Bird Sky

Challenger Soaring

Challenger Smoke Streak

Distant Picture Of Space Shuttle Disaster

Challenger Explosion

Challenger Scatter

Challenger Explosions

Falling Parts

Smoke Lines

Challenger Falling

Challenger Fiery Clouds

Challenger View From Far

Challenger Aftermath

Challenger Dark Light Smoke

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