Godawful Foods From Around The World

Published March 18, 2015
Updated July 16, 2018

People will eat just about anything given the proper (or lack of) resources. Here are some of the worst examples we could find of gross food.

American cuisine is famously unhealthy and the people who eat it are among the fattest humans in history. It turns out that high-fat, high-cholesterol, heavily processed food byproducts slathered in salt and oil isn’t good for you. It’s just gross food.

This is even more true when the food is washed down with half a gallon of high-fructose corn syrup and combined with less exercise than some coma patients get. But you know what’s cool about America, world? We don’t eat bugs!

Gross Food Thai Market
Gross Food Chinese Kebab
Gross Food Locust Plate
Gross Food Tarantula Platter
Godawful Foods From Around The World
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Ok, so maybe that's a little harsh to say. On reflection, eating bugs makes a lot of sense. Most invertebrates aren't poisonous, after all, and they have a knack for processing the huge piles of waste we create into edible flesh. God knows there's no shortage of them, and unlike pigs and cows, arthropods are so distantly related to humans that it's highly unlikely we'll ever get the flu from handling them. Still gross. Double gross, in fact.

Don't believe me? Go ahead and check out our collection of gross food for yourself. Well, not ours. Other people's. Which they can keep, thanks very much.

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Richard Stockton
Richard Stockton is a freelance science and technology writer from Sacramento, California.