Mankind’s Most Useless Inventions

Published October 16, 2011
Updated September 25, 2018

Because who doesn't want a toilet paper hat or a wig made out of pubic hair? A hilarious look at mankind's most useless inventions.

Mankind’s Most Useless Inventions: The Toilet Tabletop

Most Useless Inventions Toilet Tabletop

For those wondering how to pass the time in the bathroom, the toilet tabletop is the perfect solution. Also known as the ‘Loo reader’, the tabletop is a retractable workstation, which provides a working surface for reading, writing, or even playing a game of cards while sitting on the toilet.

Toilet Roll Hat

Toilet Roll Hat Picture

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a hat with a roll of toilet paper attached to it. You simply pull the roll down for those random sniffles or sneezes, and is particularly useful (or so they claim) for allergy sufferers.

Toilet Paper Hat Useless Inventions

Steering Wheel Desk Tray

Steering Wheel Desk Tray

What’s the one thing your car steering wheel was missing? Chances are it isn’t the desk tray, created to allow drivers to write, drink, eat or use a laptop in their car. And it’s only $19.99!

Fresh Air Mask

Much like oxygen masks in the hospital, the fresh air mask offers a convenient and simple way to inhale clean air. You simply attach the mask with nozzle to a plant wrapped in plastic and inhale. Much more convenient than simply breathing.

Useless Inventions: The Merkin

Merkin Useless Invention

Need hair down there, but can’t seem to grow it? Luckily, the Merkin was invented for just such an occasion. The pubic wig will give you ample hair for your privates just in case you’re lacking.

Useless Inventions: Diet Water

Diet Water Picture

Enough said.

Dustpan Slippers

Most Useless Inventions Dustpan Slippers

With a mini dustpan and broom attached to the bottom of some very pretty shoes, you need only flick your foot to clean up a mess.

Many inventions are incredibly useful, however. For case in point, check out our post on Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions.

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