South Asia’s Vibrant New Year Celebrations Are In Full Swing

Published April 18, 2015
Updated January 8, 2018
New Year Dai

The Dai minority celebrate the New Year in Xishuangbanna, China. Source: Financial Times

For most Americans, the New Year took place a little over four months ago, and was marked by champagne, midnight countdowns and the dropping of a very important ball. Yet in most South Asian countries, people celebrate the New Year in mid-April when spring is in full bloom. Celebrations vary greatly from community to community, but share the same optimistic and jovial vibes as other New Year’s traditions around the world.

Whether it’s celebrating Songkran in Thailand with a super-soaker-filled water festival or dousing your neighbor in vermillion power at Nepal’s Sindoor Jatra Festival, these festivities are as vibrant as the countries themselves. Here are some of the New Year festivities taking place right now in South Asia that we think you should familiarize yourself with:

New Year Celebrations in Nepal
Sindoor Jatra Festival Dancing
Sindoor Jatra New Year Festival
South Asia’s Vibrant New Year Celebrations Are In Full Swing
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In this clip, Nepalese people pull chariots through the streets as clouds of orange vermilion power float into the air:

Want to see just how big this year's Songkran Festival was? Check out this clip:

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