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Published August 6, 2021

Cache of Nazi artifacts found behind wall of German house, historical graves uncovered by grazing goats, Viking warrior found to be intersex.

German Man Renovating His Aunt’s House Stumbles Into Massive Cache Of Nazi Artifacts And Weapons

Nazi Artifacts Found Behind Wall

Stadtarchiv HagenThe first thing Sebastian Yurtseven saw was merely a newspaper from 1940, but that was just the beginning: “When I pulled it out, tons of things and documents from the Nazi era fell out.”

Recently, severe flooding of Germany’s Volme River caused extensive damage to homes in the area. One elderly woman’s house was so devastated that her nephew was forced to begin massive renovations. But when he moved a piece of plasterboard that had come loose, he stumbled into a shocking and historic find.

Tucked into a cavity in the wall was an unprecedented cache of Nazi artifacts. Everything from gas masks to a pistol to brass knuckles soon came tumbling out of the wall. Now, experts believe that these discoveries can provide unique insight into the activities of local Nazi operatives in the last days of the war.

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These Grazing Goats And Sheep Just Helped Uncover Hundreds Of Historic Graves In Ireland

Templebreedy Church Graves

Templebreedy ‘Save Our Steeple’/FacebookA satisfied sheep sitting near a tombstone in Ireland.

Some people spend their whole lives searching for lost fragments of history. But in Ireland, it only took a few hungry goats and sheep to uncover a swath of forgotten graves.

The animals, hard at work at the tangle of underbrush surrounding St. Matthew’s Church at Templebreedy, near Cobh, County Cork, have uncovered more than 500 headstones.

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DNA Testing Just Revealed That This 1,000-Year-Old Finnish Viking Was Likely A Well-Respected Intersex Warrior

Suontaka Intersex Viking Warrior

Veronika PaschenkoA depiction of the Viking warrior as they would have been laid in the grave.

In 1968, ditch-diggers in Suontaka, Finland, came across a puzzling mystery. They found a 1,000-year-old skeleton buried in women’s clothing — next to two swords. Archeologists speculated that they’d found a double burial, or perhaps evidence of a woman warrior.

In fact, DNA testing has shown that the skeleton was likely intersex, according to a study recently published in the European Journal of Archeology.

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