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Published November 23, 2018
Updated December 6, 2018

Photo of Hitler hugging a Jewish girl sells at auction, Harvard researcher determines history's worst year, archaeologists unearth Egyptian cat mummies.

A Signed Photo Of Hitler Embracing A Little Jewish Girl Just Sold For Over $11,000

Hitler Bernlie

Washington Post/Courtesy of Alexander Historical AuctionsThe photograph of Adolf Hitler and Rosa Bernile Nienau at his retreat in 1933, sold by Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland.

Despite the unsavory history of the Nazi regime, artifacts and paraphernalia from this dark era in history always seem to attract interest. This latest Nazi-era item that just sold at an auction house in Maryland is particularly fascinating: it’s a picture of Hitler hugging a Jewish girl.

The photograph displays Hitler and a young, blonde girl named Rosa Bernile Nienau. Bernile was about six-years-old at the time the picture was taken and she became known as “the Führer’s child.”

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Harvard Researcher Determines That 536 A.D. Was History’s Worst Year — Here’s Why

Black Black And White Fog


If you feel like now is the worst time in history to be alive, scientists are here to tell you that times have actually been worse.

Harvard University archaeologist and medieval historian Michael McCormick will tell you that 536 A.D. was the worst year in history to be alive.

This may come as a surprise considering that nobody typically thinks of the year 536 as a particularly traumatic one. If forced to choose the worst period of time in history, some might think of World War II or the Black Plague as the absolute darkest moments in human history.

But, according to a recently published research paper, McCormick will tell you that that’s not the case and that 536 was the most devastating year on record.

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Archeologists Discover Dozens Of Cat Mummies In An Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Mummified Cats

TwitterMummified cats found at the tomb in Saqqara, Egypt.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced on Nov. 10 that a team of archaeologists excavating a 4,500-year-old tomb near Cairo discovered dozens of mummified cats upon opening it, NPR reports.

The tomb also housed 100 gilded wooden cat statues and a bronze statue of Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats.

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