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Published October 30, 2020

Medieval burial of "six-headed chief" probed in Scotland, ancient geoglyph uncovered in Peru, dinosaur uncovered by 12-year-old in Canada.

Experts Go Inside The Medieval Mystery Of The “Six-Headed Chief” Unearthed In Scotland

Ancient Scottish Skulls

Adrian Evans/University of BradfordTow of the skulls found at the burial site of the “six-headed chief,” whose own skull is shown on the right.

As the Romans tried to conquer ancient Scotland, they were thwarted again and again by the mysterious warriors known as the Picts. Reportedly tattooed in blue from head to toe, the Picts were said to charge into battle stark naked.

Now, researchers are baffled by the remains of a Pictish leader they’re calling the “six-headed chief” because of the five skulls placed in a circle around his own.

Learn the full story of this Pictish chief and his bizarre burial.

Archaeologists Unearth Massive Cat Geoglyph From 2,000 Years Ago In Peru

Cat Geoglyph At Nazca Lines

Jhony Islas/APA 2,000-year-old giant etching in the shape of a cat was found at the famous Nazca Lines site in Peru.

Aside from Machu Picchu, the ancient Nazca Lines are Peru’s largest tourist attraction. A collection of larger-than-life geoglyphs that were etched into the ground by Indigenous people thousands of years ago, the Nazca Lines have just gained a new attraction.

A massive etching of a feline was recently discovered during maintenance work at the Nazca Lines, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. The newly uncovered carving, which stretches over 121 feet long on a hillside plateau, is made-up of a pair of carved out eyes, pointy ears, and a large tail.

Read on here.

12-Year-Old Canadian Boy Finds 69-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Fossil While Hiking

Nathan Hrushkin And Dinosaur Fossil

Terri Trembath/CBC/NCC12-year-old Nathann Hrushkin found a dinosaur fossil while hiking with his father in Alberta.

A lot of kids dream of becoming dinosaur experts when they grow up. But one kid in particular just got a glimpse of what it would be like to work his dream job as a paleontologist after he discovered the bones of a 69-million-year-old dinosaur.

Twelve-year-old Nathan Hrushkin was out hiking in Alberta, Canada, with his father when he came across something remarkable. The boy alerted his father after he noticed what looked like a giant fossil protruding out of the ground.

See more here.

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