20 Fascinating But Little-Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Published January 16, 2015
Updated February 5, 2018

The United Nations is known for many things—namely for its aid and humanitarian efforts—but less so for the work it does in preserving cultural heritage. UNESCO, which stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, does just that.

UNESCO has several responsibilities under its belt, but it has become most famous for its task of designating World Heritage Sites. These are places (both natural and manmade) that have been deemed to be culturally significant as part of our human heritage. It contains the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Taj Mahal and dozens of other obvious monuments and places we are all familiar with. However, there are over 1,000 heritage sites across the world and some of them are sure to surprise you.

Unknown World Heritage Sites Tsingy
Unknown World Heritage Sites Eljem
Unknown World Heritage Sites Chan
Unknown World Heritage Sites Mammoth
20 Fascinating But Little-Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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For the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be sure to check out the video below:

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