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Published September 22, 2017

Jack The Ripper’s Grave Found, New Book Claims

Cutbush Grave


Since the horrifying murders that occurred in Whitechapel in 1888, people have theorized on the identity of the man dubbed ‘Jack The Ripper.’

The Mirror reports that author David Bullock, who has been researching the murders for over 20 years, says he has discovered the final resting place of who he believes is Jack The Ripper.

Discover the killer’s identity here.

The Man Who Singlehandedly Prevented Nuclear Armageddon Dies

Stanislav Petrov

Scott Peterson/ Getty ImagesStanislav Petrov, at his home in 2004.

Not many people know just how close the world came to a nuclear war better than Stanislav Petrov.

On Sept. 26, 1983, Petrov helped prevent the outbreak of nuclear war simply by following his gut.

Petrov was a few hours into his shift as the duty officer at Serpukhov-15, the secret command center outside Moscow used for monitoring Soviet military satellites over the United States. Suddenly the alarms went off, warning that five Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles had been launched from an American base.

Learn what happened next in this look at the heroic story of Stanislav Petrov.

Viking Warrior Found in Swedish Grave Was Actually A Woman

female viking

What the gravestite may have looked like. Illustration by Evald Hansen/American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Despite the fact that strong women warriors like Wonder Woman and Lady Brienne from ‘Game of Thrones,’ are finally becoming more of a fixture in pop culture, it’s not easy to forget how rare these figures actually were in historical society. For centuries, and in almost all societies, men were at the forefront of battle, while women remained behind to take care of the home.

However, it seems that Viking-era Sweden may have been an exception to that rule, and way ahead of its time as far as feminism is concerned.

Recently archeologists in Sweden have discovered that a body found over a century ago in the Viking Age town of Birka was, in fact, a woman, and most likely a very powerful one.

Dig deeper here.

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