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Published January 22, 2016
Updated January 21, 2016

One Photographer Explores Greenland’s Breathtaking Landscape Over The Past 20 Years

Itkonen Greenland Landscape

Children from the Uummannaq Children’s Home riding on dogsleds. 2007. Image Source: The New York Times

Finnish photographer Tiina Itkonen is known for her remarkable photographs of Greenland’s inhabitants and terrain. Since 1995, Itkonen has traveled to the Arctic island 11 times, spending the first seven years capturing portraits and photos of the Inughuit communities in Thule—home to one of the northernmost settlements in the world. By 2005, she shifted her attention toward Greenland’s mesmerizing terrain. Nowadays, Itkonen is interested in photographing Greenland’s evolving landscape– a direct result of climate change. See The New York Times’ interview with Itkonen along with an incredible gallery of her images.

Itkonen Greenland Landscape 2

Meqo carrying her child, Else, in a seal skin anorak. Qeqertat. 1998. Image Source: The New York Times

Itkonen Greenland Landscape 3

The Ilulissat Icefjord is the sea mouth of Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world. 2007. Image Source: The New York Times

Hilariously Hideous 1970s Men’s Fashions

You’ll either remember the garish fashions of the 1970s and become horrified, or you’ll simply look at these photos and become horrified. Either way, you’ll be horrified. And remember, these images aren’t just the products of photo shoots with models who wore these clothes only once before they sat in some fashion house’s giant closet. These images come from catalogs. People actually bought these clothes. See more in this comprehensive collection of terrible 1970s menswear.

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