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Published July 22, 2016
Updated July 21, 2016

UNESCO’s Newest World Heritage Sites Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

Unesco World Heritage

National GeographicTheater at the archaeological site of Philippi, Greece

Every year, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee updates their notable list of the world’s most enchanting places or structures that hold a great deal of cultural, historical, and/or natural significance. After many discussions, the organization decides which of the proposed sites are worthy to be included to the list, which already has more than 1,000 entries.

This past week, the committee named 21 new sites – so get your passports ready because summer isn’t over yet.

View more photos at National Geographic.

Unesco World Heritage 2

National GeographicNewfoundland, Canada’s rugged Mistaken Point

Unesco World Heritage 3

National GeographicExcavated remains of Nalanda Mahavihara, India

Photos You Won’t Believe Were Taken In New York City

New York City Photos Cornell Farmhouse

Wally Gobetz/FlickrCornell Farmhouse, Queens

New York City crams its 8.5 million people (the highest total of any city in the U.S. by more than double) into just 300 square miles, making for a whopping 27,000 people per square mile (more than 10,000 higher than its closest U.S. competitor).

But while there is a New York City — the one you’re picturing — choked by crowds, canopied by skyscrapers, and developed within an inch of its life, there’s another New York City you’re not picturing, one dotted with placid fields, hidden islands, and calm little lanes.

See more in this unbelievable gallery of surprising New York City photos.

Alley Pond Queens

Neil R/FlickrAlley Pond, Queens

Seagate Rocks

Dennis/FlickrSeagate, Brooklyn

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