25 Astounding Al Capone Facts That Show Why He’s History’s Most Infamous Gangster

Published January 10, 2018
Updated August 8, 2019
Published January 10, 2018
Updated August 8, 2019

From exorbitant wealth to unspeakable violence, these Al Capone facts reveal a shocking tale of booze, bullets, and blood.

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25 Astounding Al Capone Facts That Show Why He’s History’s Most Infamous Gangster
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No American gangster in history has cemented his place in the public imagination quite like Chicago's Al Capone. Through his various illegal exploits, namely the sale of illegal alcohol during Prohibition, Capone and his gang pulled in mountains of cash and left a trail of bodies in their wake.

And even more impressive than the estimated $100 million ($1.44 billion today) that his illegal activities earned him is the fact that he amassed this enormous wealth in just seven years.

Had he not built his fortune upon crime, Capone would have been a poster boy for the American dream. Born in Brooklyn to working-class immigrant parents in 1899, Capone eventually rose to the heights of American wealth and power.

But the crime that fueled the fortune was inescapable and ever-present, even when Capone was just a boy. By his early teens, he had dropped out of school and joined several street gangs in New York, which he soon left after accepting an invitation from a Chicago crime boss to make the move to the Midwest.

It was in Chicago that Capone would truly make a national name for himself as he took advantage of the public demand for alcohol during Prohibition. In meeting the public's demands, Capone built a reputation for himself as a sharply-dressed Robin Hood of sorts. Meanwhile, his powerful connections within the city government and police made him seemingly untouchable — for a while, at least.

In 1931, Al Capone, the man responsible for untold murders and suffering finally found himself behind bars — for tax evasion. Unable to successfully prosecute him for the crimes that built his fortune, authorities were ultimately able to bring him down on the grounds that he hadn't paid any income tax on that fortune.

Discover more about his astounding tale in the collection of Al Capone facts above.

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