The Suffocating Smog Of Beijing In 19 Startling Photographs

Published May 9, 2013
Updated September 28, 2018

As a thick haze engulfs the Chinese capital, these pictures of the Beijing smog capture the ongoing disaster.

While China’s 20-million and counting metropolis of Beijing is still in the midst of an economic and industrial boom, it’s certainly seen brighter days. This spring, a toxic cocktail consisting of car exhaust fumes, factory, and coal-heating smoke engulfed much of the city in a thick smog, causing many residents much grief in going about their daily affairs.

Says one mining company executive, “I think people in China have forgotten what the sky looks like. They’ve forgotten what normal is.”

Beijing Smog

Images Of The Beijing Smog

Photographs Of The Beijing Smog

Beijing Smog Photographs

Smog In China

Smog In Beijing

Beijing Pollution

Beijing Smog Pictures

Beijing Smog

Pollution In Beijing

Chinese Air Pollution

Beijing Air Pollution Photo

Smog In China

Air Pollution In Beijing

Beijing Photographs

Unbelievable Smog

Pollution In Beijing China

Beijing Smog Photo

Capturing The Beijing Smog

It doesn't look like "normal" will include the color blue for a while, either. As industrialization surges ahead and many newly-rich Chinese increase demand for their own automobiles, the only thing certain about Beijing's future is that it will be hazy.

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