The International Drone Photography Awards’ Incredible Winners

Published July 21, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018
Published July 21, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018
Photography by Drones

2nd Place: jericsaniel, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

We’ve featured our fair share of incredible aerial photography in the past, but never anything like the International Drone Photography Awards. For the first time ever, Dronstagram and partners like National Geographic and GoPro teamed up to find the world’s best drone photography. Since May 15th, more than 2,000 images from all over the world were submitted. Yet only six images were chosen as winners (three regular winners and three People’s Choice winners). Check out the winning drone photography in the images below:

International Drone Photography Awards: The Winners

Winner of International Drone Photography Awards

1st Place: capungaero, Source: HashLush

Drone-Cs Aerial Photography

3rd Place: Drone Capture System, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

PostandFly Drone Photography Awards 2014

1st Prize (People’s Choice): postandfly, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), meaning that it is an aircraft without a pilot. Usually drones are used for military and surveillance work, though they may also be used for policing, firefighting, special operations and nonmilitary security work. Drones are flown and directed by both computers and remote operators. Many amateur drone photographers snap their photos with GoPros and other cameras that are attached to controllable drone devices.

Incredible Drone Photography

2nd Prize (People’s Choice): jams69, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

Drone Image of Sofia, Bulgaria

3rd Prize (People’s Choice): Svetlin Marinov, Source: Dronestagram

Other Drone Photography (and Videos!)

While these photographs and videos didn’t win anything at the International Drone Photography Awards, they still offer a glimpse into the incredible world of aerial and drone photography.

Drone Photography of Ships

Source: Dronestagram

Cathedral Drone Photography Awards

Source: Dronestagram

Glapsides Beach Drone Photograph

Source: Dronestagram

Drone Photography Awards New Brunswick

Source: Dronestagram

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