Doctors Successfully Transplant Ear Grown On Man’s Arm

Published April 4, 2017
Updated December 20, 2017
Published April 4, 2017
Updated December 20, 2017

Chinese surgeons were able to grow a new ear and successfully transplant it.

Chinese Ear Arm Og

Weibo / ATI Composite

Chinese doctors successfully transplanted a new ear onto a man’s head this past Tuesday, after growing the ear on the man’s arm for three months.

9news reports that the patient, whose name and age authorities have not disclosed, underwent the operation after a serious car accident in 2015 annihilated his right ear and left him with devastating facial abrasions.

While doctors were able to reattach most of the man’s face immediately after, his ear was too damaged to be repaired.

“The accident not only took his ear, but also destroyed most of the blood vessels and skin around the ear. Therefore, conventional artificial ears cannot work for him. We decided to grow a new ear on his arm in advance,” Guo Shuzong, the plastic surgeon in charge of the operation, told the Mirror.

A reconstructive surgery specialist, Shuzong placed a skin expander into the patient’s arm. He then filled this mold with rib cartilage and waited for it to grow, according to Fox News.

Shuzong apparently did a good job constructing the ear, because the patient told China Daily that his new ear “looks exactly as the same as my old ear.”

The man who received the transplanted ear will remain in the hospital for more two weeks.

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