15 People Who Did Fascinating Things Besides What Made Them Famous

Published January 3, 2018
Updated June 7, 2019

From Charles Lindbergh's advances in cardiac medicine to Paul Newman's celebrated work as a race car driver, these people made waves in ways you'd never imagine.

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15 People Who Did Fascinating Things Besides What Made Them Famous
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It can be hard when you're famous for one thing, to pursue other interests, let alone excel at them.

After all, when the public sees you one way, it can be very difficult to break the mold and branch out. Many celebrities and famous historical figures tried for years to pursue their other interests only to fail and resign themselves to the box in which the public had placed them.

However, there are the few people that managed to break out of those boxes, and into other fields.

Take Hedy Lamarr, for example. Though known as an actress and the "world's most beautiful woman," she ended up having to flee her home country of Austria before World War II. Inspired by the very war that tore her from her home, she devoted her time to science and engineering, soon receiving a patent for a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, a technology that informs certain principles of wireless communication even today.

Then there are people like Anthony Hopkins. While he loves acting, and has been showered with awards for it, he revealed later in life that he had a passion for composing. So, what did he do? He began composing his own classical music, which ended up reaching the top of the classical charts in the U.K. and was performed by an award-winning symphony.

Regardless of what their chosen life path is, these famous figures, both historical and modern-day, serve as prime examples of the fact that, just because people know you for one thing, that doesn't mean that's all you have to offer.

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