Surprise! More People Google “Hangover Cure” On New Year’s Day Than Any Other

Published January 1, 2016
Updated January 9, 2018
Google Search Hangover Cure

Image Source: The Washington Post

Google knows all.

Last year, The Washington Post had the great idea to chart the amount of Google searches for the phrase “hangover cure” for each day of the year. And, sure enough, it turns out that the phrase peaks–by an incredible margin–on January 1st. The article elaborates, “interest in ‘hangover cure’ is nearly 10 times higher than average on New Year’s Day.”

The next most hungover days of the year, according to Google, include the day after Halloween, the 5th of July, and then a random Saturday in May. In general, the team found that Sunday is the most common day to search for the phrase, followed by Saturday and Monday. So if you’re feeling disheveled today, cheer up: Google says you’re definitely not alone.

For next time, stay informed with these illuminating videos on the science behind hangovers and the history of booze.

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