What We Love This Week, Volume LXI

Published April 18, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014

Iconic Images Of New York City, Now In Color

Arguably the most important city in the world, New York City has been host to a number of influential ideas, figures and events for centuries. While black and white photography has captured much of it, these images assume a new–and even more engaging–light when colored. Lucky for us, the Roosevelts have compiled a fantastic gallery of the finest New York photography–be it Babe Ruth the year he joined the Yankees, the Lanier Hotel, or Malcolm X chatting with Muhammad Ali–but in color.

The Finalists Of This Year’s Smithsonian Photography Contest

Over 50,000 entries flooded the judges’ desks for this year’s Smithsonian Photo Contest. With subjects as diverse as Ho Chi Minh City’s terraced fields to penguins hanging out in Antarctica to Slovakian sporting events, the photos are as diverse as they are technically immaculate. Photographers from over 130 countries participated in the competition, and the Smithsonian has whittled down the entries to 12. Tough task. See them all at My Modern Met.

How The World Celebrates Holy Week

As grocery stores are filled to the brim with Peeps, chocolate treats and bunny everything, there’s no escaping the arrival of Easter. Yet for millions of people all over the world, Easter is much more than candy, colorful eggs and friendly rabbits. April 13th marks the beginning of Holy Week 2014, an annual commemoration of the days that led up to the death of Jesus Christ. Holy Week, which encompasses Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday and Good Friday, is a period of both deep sadness and anticipation of Easter’s arrival, when Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. We’ve curated some of the most incredible images of the event just for your enjoyment. See them all at All That Is Interesting.