33 Mount Everest Facts Even More Astounding Than The Mountain Itself

Published May 23, 2018
Updated August 30, 2022

From its dead bodies serving as guideposts to its most remarkable climbers to its enormous feces problem, these Mount Everest facts are even more fascinating than you could imagine.

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33 Mount Everest Facts Even More Astounding Than The Mountain Itself
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Most of us would gaze upon the majestic beauty of Mount Everest and simply stand in awe. Others see it as the ultimate conquest.

But to climb the world's tallest peak above sea level, it takes unimaginable endurance, courage, and strength as well as tons of money. Of course, it also takes the willingness to risk some limbs — and maybe even your life.

In the 65 years since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first documented climbers to summit the Himalayan peak on the border of Tibet and Nepal, more than 200 mountaineers have died there.

Some were experienced veterans who met tragic ends, like David Sharp, who was ignored by dozens of other passing climbers as he sat on the verge of his impending death in 2006.

Others were brazen daredevils who aimed for glory and came up short, like Marco Siffredi, who died trying to snowboard down Everest in 2002.

But although Everest has countless stories of tragedy and suffering, it has just as many tales of triumph and heroism. Look no further than the stories of the man who reached the summit despite being blind or the courageous couple who reached the top and got married there.

For more on these brave climbers as well as all the other astounding tidbits about Earth's ultimate peak, check out the most interesting Mount Everest facts in the gallery above.

After this look at the most fascinating Mount Everest facts, read up on Francys Arsentiev, the mountain's "Sleeping Beauty." Then, discover the story of Rob Hall, whose story proves that Everest can conquer any climber no matter how experienced they are.

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