Eleven Fantastic New York City Cinemagraphs

Published July 4, 2013
Updated February 12, 2018

As they say, the Big Apple is the city that never sleeps–so it’s fitting that these “still” New York City cinemagraphs are just as restless. Injecting drops of life into each image, fashion photographer and graphic designer Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have made photography and advertisements more engaging than ever before.

New York City Cinemagraphs View Point

New York City Cinemagraphs Taxis

New York City Cinemagraphs 4

New York Cinemagraph 2

New York Cinemagraph 11

New York Cinemagraph 9

Anne Wintour Cinemagraph GIF

Hot Dog Cart Cinemagraph

Fashion Week Cinemagraph GIF

New York Cinemagraph 10

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