16 Charles Manson Quotes That Are Weirdly Thought-Provoking

Published November 20, 2017
Updated June 8, 2018
Published November 20, 2017
Updated June 8, 2018

He's known for his deranged rambling, but these particular Charles Manson quotes just might intrigue you with how much sense they make.

If you gave notoriously deranged cult leader Charles Manson a pulpit, he would talk — and talk and talk. Though he died on November 19 at the age of 83, he left behind plenty of words for the world to remember him by.

Whether in his televised interviews, court appearances, or parole hearings, he would take any chance that you gave him to absolutely talk your ear off — about everything and anything all at once. Thus the list of memorable Charles Manson quotes is quite large.

And perhaps this sheer volume of verbiage explains why, among all of the bizarre things said by this obviously unwell man, there are actually a few lucid, insightful pearls buried in these Charles Manson quotes.

Charles Manson Quotes

“You all live by yourselves, no matter how crowded you may think that you are in a room full of people, you are still by yourself, and you have to live with that self forever and ever and ever and ever.”

“Progress? There’s no such thing as progress. There’s only change. You dig a hole in the ground, you build up a city, and you fight a war, and you call it progress?”

“Words are your words. You invented the words, and you made a dictionary and you gave me the dictionary and you said, ‘These are what the words mean.’ Well, this is what they mean to you, but to someone else, they have got a different dictionary.”

“You’re not going to beat drugs… Your war should be against pollution, and for putting trees back before you lose the air, water and wildlife.” — From a 1986 letter to President Ronald Reagan about his war on drugs

Charles Manson Quotes Family

Bettmann/Contributor/Getty ImagesManson family members and murder suspects Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkle, and Leslie van Houton.

“Look down at me and you see a fool; look up at me and you see a god; look straight at me and you see yourself.”

“As long as there’s hate in your heart, there’ll be hate in the world.”

“You have to accept yourself as God. You have to realize you’re just the Devil just as much as you’re God, that you’re everything and you’re nothing at all.”

“If a soldier goes off to the battlefield, he goes off with his life in front. He is giving his life. Does that not give him permission to take one? No. Because then we bring our soldiers back and try them in court for doing the same thing we sent them to do. We train them to kill, and they go over and kill, and we prosecute them and put them in jail because they kill.”

Interesting Charles Manson Quotes

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“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”

“Anything you see in me is in you. If you want to see a vicious killer, that’s who you’ll see, do you understand that? If you see me as your brother, that’s what I’ll be. It all depends on how much love you have. I am you, and when you can admit that, you will be free. I am just a mirror.”

“That courtroom belongs to every human being in the United States. And if you take that courtroom away from one human being, you’re taking that courtroom away from all human beings.”

“A baby is born into this world in a state of fear. Total paranoia and awareness. He sees the world with eyes not used yet. As he grows up, his parents lay all this stuff on him. They tell him, when they should be letting him tell them. Let the children lead you.”

Charles Manson Mugshot

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“I was so smart when I was a kid that I learned that I was dumb fast.”

“If I had a desire, it would be to be free from desire.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being incompetent.… It just means you don’t have to do as much.”

“I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you.”

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