66 Photos From The 1960s, The Decade That Rocked The World

Published October 28, 2016
Updated October 3, 2018

Whether it's the burning monk, the JFK assassination, or Woodstock, these images are still seared into the American consciousness 50 years later.

Che Guevara Photo
Avalon Ballroom Face Paint
King Mouth Open
66 Photos From The 1960s, The Decade That Rocked The World
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It almost goes without saying that the 1960s were a time of tremendous upheaval. Vietnam, civil rights, the Cold War, changing fashions, the space race, Woodstock — certainly a lot to pack into one decade.

Not surprisingly, then, the 1960s is also one of the most commemorated and photographed decades ever. See 50 iconic photos that encapsulate this storied decade in the gallery above.

Next, stay in the 1960s with Woodstock photos that will wake you back to 1969 and amazing images of San Francisco at the height of hippie power. Then, discover the history of hippie culture.

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